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Fidelis XPS™ Advanced Threat Defense Solution Receives RECOMMENDED rating by NSS Labs—98.4% Detection Rate, Low TCO

NSS Labs is without a doubt the most trusted authority in independent product testing. The firm recently tested Fidelis XPS as part of its Breach Detection System test—with Fidelis XPS receiving an overall breach detection rating of 98.4%. In addition to receiving a coveted "Recommended" rating by NSS, Fidelis XPS also placed in the upper right corner of the NSS Labs Security Value Map TM—indicating that Fidelis XPS rates high in security effectiveness and at the same time has a low total cost of ownership.

Fidelis XPS detected 98% of HTTP malware, 98% of email malware and 100% of exploits, giving an overall breach detection rating of 98.4%. Fidelis XPS also passed all six stability and reliability tests, scored 100% on its resistance to evasion techniques and had a 0% false positive rate—ensuring actionable alerts and continuous defense, minimizing the chance of a breach.


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